Thursday, December 20, 2007

Office Christmas Traditions

Yesterday we had our annual Christmas luncheon. We usually go to Diana's home and have goodies from a local coffee shop/bakery/caterer. This time we had two kinds of delicious quiche, a green salad, a pasta salad and then for dessert we have a cookie exchange. We may be dyers by day but boy can everyone bake a great cookie by night!! We had 12 different kinds of cookies...4 dozen of by the time I went around the table sampling and exchanging I had a HUGE plate of goodies to bring home. When my boys were younger they always looked forward to cookie exchange day. Now I will have to track them down in Missoula where they live and go to school so that I can share the wealth.

Our other tradition is to have an ornament exchange. It is simple and fun. Its amazing how beautiful some of the ornaments can be. Some folks make them; some purchase them at craft fairs; some purchase them at local department stores. I have received some very nice decorations for my tree over the years.

This year we are adding an extra event for those who can make it. We are going out to dinner and to a local Christmas choral concert. Mountain Colors is sponsoring the Snack table (seems we have a sweet tooth). Everyone gets so busy with friends, family, club and guild obligations but this year we are trying to make time for ourselves too!

The nearby mountains are getting lots of snow for skiers but so far we don't have any here in the Valley. That would make it perfect.

Have a wonderful holiday. I give thanks for all my family, friends and the folks who work to make Mountain Colors a possibility.

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