Saturday, February 2, 2008

Triangle Scarf Pattern

Here is the pattern for a Triangle Scarf that uses Mountain Colors Mohair and an optional skein of Moguls. Enjoy!!

Materials: 1 skein Mountain Colors Mohair
1 skein Mountain Colors Moguls (opt)
Needles- size 10.5 and size 13 for bind off

Cast on 3 sts in Mohair. Knit 1 row.
Pattern row: *Knit 2 sts, yo, knit to end*

If using optional Moguls yarn, change back and forth between the two yarns after every second row (ie. 2 rows Mohair, then 2 two rows Moguls).

Repeat pattern row until scarf is desired size or until you have 6 to 10 yards of Mohair left for the bind off. Then using size 13 needles, bind off LOOSELY in mohair.

To wear, pull one tip through the 4th or 5th hole up from the other tip.

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