Friday, May 2, 2008

Getting Ready for LOTS of new things

Well we haven't been very good about posting in the past month. But we have a REALLY good reason!! We have been preparing to introduce our new designs, 5 new colorways, 2 new types of yarn, the spinning fiber (I mentioned that before), and the second in the Duets series with Lorna's Laces. Whew.

Our photo session was last week and when we woke up that morning it was snowing. That made for a VERY cold photo shoot. We had two college gals modeling and they were frozen by the end of the 4+ hours it took to take all the photos.

Encourage you local yarn shop to inquire about our latest yarns. One is a merino wool with an incredible mixing of colors. The other is a wool/silk lace weight yarn. Warm up your spinning wheels and get ready to try out the targhee top we have been selling too. Targhee is a breed of sheep and it produces a very soft, lofty fiber.

Our second Duets project will begin shipping to yarn stores next week. It is a sock kit designed by Cat Bordhi and it uses yarn from both Mountain Colors and Lorna's Laces. Check it out!!

For those headed to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival this weekend have a blast. I would LOVE to go to that show sometime...I grew up in Maryland but left before that show became so popular.

Happy knitting, spinning, crocheting, etc!!

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Shelly said...

Love your blog, but I actually came for help with color. I bought some of the Twizzle in Mulberry and also in Lupine. Matching colors isn't my strong suit, and you're obviously great at it. Here's my dilema, I want to do a scarf in the Twizzle, and I want to add a solid color to each of the hand dyed colors I bought. Which colors would you recommend I mix with the Mulberry and the Lupine for unisex scarves?

tink1944 at comcast dot net