Monday, November 17, 2008

Leslie's Holiday Knitting

Almost every year I tell myself that I will NOT do any last minute knitting for gifts. And almost every year I get last minute inspiration from something I've seen or read. This year is no different. For me this year it is cowls. I like wearing them; I like knitting them and I hope my gift recipients will like them too.

I am on Ravelry and I found patterns that would work with my favorite Mountain Colors Yarns. A cowl needs to be made with something soft and not scratchy so I chose Twizzle for my Darkside Cowl (this link may only work if you are a member of Ravelry) knit in Sapphire Trail; I chose 4/8's Wool in Alpine for one Birthday Cowl and Rich Red for the second one. I am thinking of knitting a fourth cowl also in Rich Red as it's such a festive color.

If you need a quick gift idea a skein of Twizzle or a skein of 4/8's Wool would be enough to make at least 2 cowls. I haven't knit three with one color so I don't know for sure if that would work. So get those needles out, start scanning the internet for patterns and start knitting with your favorite Mountain Colors Yarn!

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Maria said...

How about River Twist? I just knit my son a vest and I absolutely love that yarn!!! Way to go! I'll blog the finished product soon!