Monday, December 8, 2008

What's New for January 2009 !?

We have been busy working hard to get ready for the trade show (TNNA) in January. At that time we are planning to introduce several new things!! We thought we would give those who read our blog a description of what will be new in your yarn store sometime soon.

1. Harmony Colors Series
This will be an ongoing series of colorways, available in all yarn styles (call first about cashmere as we may limit the offerings on that yarn). These colors flow from one to the other in a more subtle way. They are not solids but they don't have any high contrast between colors either. We have 5 ready to introduce:
Harmony Rose- rose flowing to cranberry
Harmony Mist- wintergreen to frosty blue
Harmony Lake- dark turquoise to peacock teal
Harmony Iris- purple to deep blue
Harmony Woods- dark coppery brown to plum

Ask about them at your local shop....if they don't have a chance to attend TNNA they won't have seen them first hand.

2. Silk'n Ewe
This is a new 50% wool/50% raw silk blend. It is a DK weight yarn (a bit lighter than our 4/8's wool but not by much) and when knit up it feels like raw silk. It is very fun because the silk in the yarn lightens the colors in the dyeing process. We are putting this into 75 gm, 250 yard skeins. We are going to dye this in all of our colorways!

Sorry we will have no pictures available until after TNNA!!

Enjoy the holiday season and remember January is "Knit for Yourself" month!!

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Anonymous said...

Okay, it's after TNNA,,,can we see some color pics of the new Harmony yet? Pretty Please!!!!