Thursday, February 5, 2009

Newest Harmony Colors and Silk n' Ewe Yarn!!

I was gently reminded that I forgot to post the photos of our newest colorways and our recently added yarn style. I'm so glad I received the reminder as I had completely forgotten!! So here are some photos of the colorways!! We call them Harmony Colors. They are all tone on tone and have only subtle color variation within a skein. All of the colorways come in almost all of our yarns (except Cashmere, River Twist and Winter Lace). Harmony Mist also does NOT come in Bearfoot and Twizzle.

Harmony Woods--from plum to coppery brown

Harmony Rose--from rose to cranberry

Harmony Mist--from wintergreen to soft bluegreen

Harmony Lake--from dusty turquoise to peacock

Harmony Iris--from purple to deep blue

Our newest style of yarn we are calling Silk n' Ewe. It is 50% Raw Silk and 50% Wool. It is very light weight and feels like raw silk when knit up. It will make wonderful Spring sweaters or non-fuzzy sweaters for those who like that look. It is coming in 250 yd/75gm skeins. Look for this yarn in any store that carries our yarn. If they don't have it ask them about it!! Silk n' Ewe comes in all of our colorways.

We hope you like these new additions. Diana loves the Harmony Rose and has made herself a Lace Vest in 4/8's Wool. I also used 4/8's Wool to make a Now & Then Cozy Vest in Harmony Lake. Both turned out great. Now I am working on a simple scarf in Silk n' Ewe. It will be nice to wear when it is a bit chilly but not frigid cold outside.

Happy knitting!!!

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