Friday, March 20, 2009

Baby Knitting

There is nothing more quick and satisfying than baby knitting. Every time I have baby knitting to do I am tempted to make at least 6 sets of booties or 3 hats or 2 get the idea. It's hard to stop!! Someday I hope to have grandkids and then I won't have to stop!! For now a cousin's son and his wife have a new baby and I have finished 3 sets of booties and 1 hat. Maybe next Fall when the little girl is older I will make her a sweater (or 2).

If you like to knit for babies and young toddlers watch for our newest Back To Basics patterns coming out this summer. There will be three really cute designs.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Stitches West 2009

Stitches West was huge. There were a LOT of people in the market place where we had our Sponsor Booth. Saturday was the busiest day...probably because a train full on knitters arrived from Sacramento at the same time 2 buses full of knitters arrived from somewhere else in the area. Whew.

We had a small booth in the Sponsors aisle and it was packed with folks checking out all the colorways, etc. No yarn store could possibly stock all colors so we had a display where folks could write down their favorites for shopping later. Everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time and we especially appreciated all the folks who brought in projects they had knit with our yarn. I love "Show & Tell".

Every time we go to a show I try to learn something new. We couldn't take classes because we were in the booth but I did manage to learn about knitting back backwards. It has always intrigued me and now I will have to practice to make sure I can really do it later.

For those who stopped by to say Hi we really appreciate it. And for all those newer knitters who made the effort to attend the show...keep on knitting!!

Now we are home dyeing yarn and planning all of our new colorways, designs, etc for the next Trade Show. If you are in Western Montana be sure to come see us!

Sock Contest Winners

We have returned home from Stitches West and wanted to congratulate the winners of the Mountain Colors categories in the Knit Outside the Sox contest.

In the Cuff Down category the winner was Terri Gogolin from Michigan (photo is sort of dark):

And in the Not Cuff Down category the winner is Nancy Hazen from Washington:

There were LOTS of beautiful entries and the judging was difficult. Everyone had beautiful socks and we were thrilled to see the quality of the work. I got to try on some of the socks to see how they looked on a foot. That helped us look at the patterning, shaping, style, etc. It was great fun.

Congratulations to all who participated!! We wish everyone could be a prize winner! Keep on knitting those great designs!