Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kristin's Sad Knitting Tale

Kristin is a gal in our building who is a new knitter. She runs a daycare and during her lunch break she runs over for help with her projects. Several weeks ago she decided to knit a baby blanket for a future niece/nephew who is due to arrive in late April. All was going well...she had finished knitting the first ball of yarn. And then she went to the car wash. Not just any car wash. It was one of those "fancy" ones where the people actually wipe down your car and open the door to wipe off the door jam.

You guessed it. The blanket fell out of the car, unnoticed by the car wash guy and unnoticed by Kristin. A mile later Kristin arrived at her next stop and realized that her blanket had unraveled/dragged as she drove down the road. She didn't lose her needles but the blanket was just about all gone and what remained was not worth saving. She was so depressed about the whole thing that it has taken several weeks for her to start a new blanket. Today she came over and cast on for her new blanket. It may not be ready for the newborn baby but hopefully she will finish it before that baby graduates from high school!!!

As fellow knitters we were all so sad to hear Kristin's tale of woe. And next time I go to a car wash I am going to be sure and keep track of my knitting!!

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Charlene Hatfield said...

Just wanted to send Kristin my best. So sorry to hear about what happened to your blanket. Don't quit...keep knitting...the sooner you get that new one finished the better you will feel!