Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We are back from TNNA

We are home from the trade show in Columbus, OH. Whew. That is always a busy 5 days of travel, setting up a 40 foot booth, visiting with shop owners, designers, publishers, booth tear down and wonderful dinners in nice restaurants! It is great to be home.

We introduced a new design that was VERY well received. It's the Sock Stash Hoodie. It uses two strands of sock of Mountain Colors Bearfoot in the main color and then 1 to 4 different colors of sock yarn from your stash. It has cute cabled ribbing and zips up the front. Be sure to check it out.

Our new colorways were also well received. These newest colors are:

Peppergrass-Teals, Peacock, Deep blue and a splash of Lime green

Indian Paintbrush (new retro)-Orangey red, pinkish red, true red and a dash of dark purple..not sure why picture is so small

Heather-Subtle blend of Mauve, Plum, & Chocolate

Cedar-Chocolate browns, Raspberry, Burgundy and Teal

Copper Mountain-Copper with Violet, Blue, Teal and Raspberry

New River Twist colors:
Bear Creek : Chocolate with touches of Copper, Teal & Rose
Canyon Ferry : Fun mix of Navy, Marigold, Violet, Raspberry & Teal
Rosebud River : Rich blend of Sienna Reds, Copper, Dusty Green and Plum
Salmon Falls : Subtle blend of Plums, Rose, Mauve & Chocolate
Sundance Springs: Wild blend of Yellow, Lime Green, Purple, Blue and Pink

Check out these latest additions on our website!

Happy knitting to all!!

Leslie & Diana


New Jersey Laura said...

What a beautiful sweater! I was hoping you would post it. Is the pattern available for purchase yet? And how many skeins of bearfoot does it take?

Tan said...

I am just disappointed that you weren't at Black Sheep Gathering. I so would have bought Copper Mountain.