Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Colorway inspired by New Book

We are so excited!! Barbara Delinsky, the well known novelist, has a new book called Not My Daughter coming out Jan 5, 2010. In conjunction with this book we have designed a new Colorway called Spring Eclipse. We have been working with her publicists at Doubleday to make special tags that talk about the book and the yarn. It is such an honor to participate in this project with Barbara!!

The main character in this new book has a hand dyed yarn business with her friends. That is not the main storyline but we were excited about it anyway!! And all the ladies in this fictitious business are knitters. How fun is that??? If you are interested in reading more of what Barbara wrote see her blog post dated October 5, 2009. www.barbaradelinsky.com/blog

Here is how Barbara described this colorway when she first saw it, "Flares of fuschsia, copper and plum in the shadow of a sapphire night, forest green and teal."

Spring Eclipse is available in all of our yarns. If you would like to order this exciting new colorway contact your local yarn store and ask them about it. If they haven't heard about it yet have them contact us. We are going to start dyeing soon. Then you can knit Spring Eclipse and read Not My Daughter at the same time!!

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JD said...

I will be hunting high and low for this exquisite yarn to celebrate the release of Not My Daughters... I don't ever recall seeing such a stunning combination of colors in a yarn before... incredible.

I plan on knitting something with it while I wait for the bookstore to open on the 5th :o)