Monday, January 25, 2010

Crazyfoot---Our NEW Sock Yarn!!

We have a NEW Sock Yarn. Crazyfoot is 90% superwash wool and 10% nylon. It comes in 425 yards/ 100 gm skeins. We are just starting to ship Crazyfoot to yarn stores. The yarn is incredible…even our dyers are lining up to get skeins to use in their knitting…and it comes in ALL of our colorways. I am knitting my first pair of Crazyfoot socks and I am really enjoying the yarn. We tossed some test socks in the washer and dryer and they came out GREAT. They turned out very soft and squishy. It doesn’t have any mohair (our Bearfoot does) and the stitch definition is perfect. The yarn is tightly twisted so it should wear really well.

Ask your yarn store to get you some Crazyfoot and give it a try!!! Then let us know what you think!


Lois said...

recently bought some of your yarn for a scarf.. I love how it feels and the colors are awesome!! Would love to try your sock yarn as I pretty much only knit socks these days and I like that it has a bit more yardage than some!

Anne said...

I bought crazyfoot in Paintbrush and made "Vampire Boyfriend socks from knitty. the stitch defination was awesome and the extra yardage for all those cables was great.