Monday, December 6, 2010

The Mountain Loop--Free Pattern of the week

This lovely loop scarf uses 2 skeins of Mountain Colors 3-ply Wool.  It is knit on large needles and is very soft and warm.  After knitting the large loop, just give it a twist and put both loops over your head.

Wouldn't this make a great gift for someone on your holiday gift giving list??  Or perhaps YOU need to make one for yourself!!  The free pattern can be found below:

The Mountain Loop
By Diana McKay

Our coldest predicted winter in many years is now here.   I developed this scarf to keep the chill away.   It’s very quick to knit, cozily warm and is a great last minute Christmas gift to whip up.  Enjoy!

YARN:  2 skeins of Mountain Colors 3Ply Wool
NEEDLES:  #9 or #10 circular needles (24” seemed to work fine) or size you need for gauge
GAUGE:   3.5 – 3” stitches per inch
FINISHED SIZE:   8” x 58”
Row 1:  K1, P1 around
Row 2: Knit around

CAST ON  200sts loosely.  Knit the first row and join into a circle without twisting the stitches.   Place a marker where you join.  Work the Pattern Stitch for 8”.  Bind off with a needle a couple sizes bigger than the size you are using to keep the bind off edge loose.  Weave in the ends and block lightly.  Wrap around your neck and keep it warm!

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Feel free to share this with friends.

Stay warm!

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