Monday, June 20, 2011

Feature Colorway--Lupine

The colorway Lupine

The colorway Lupine (pronounced Lew-Pin) is named after the beautiful flowers that bloom all over western Montana in the springtime.  The lupine around here are purple and this year because we had LOTS of rain they were even more numerous than usual.

The field by Leslie's house

If you love purple you will love Lupine. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Feature Colorway--Sun River

Sun River Valley, Montana            Photo by JohansenGallery from Google Earth

Sun River

Sun River is named in memory of Diana's Mother.  Pat grew up in the Sun River valley about 30 miles west of Great Falls, Montana in a little town called Simms.  This is a beautiful area and a great fly fishing river.  It is very rural (approx 49 people per square mile) and very windy and cold in the winter.  Pat was a very talented batik artist and she loved pinks and purples so we wanted to design "her" special colorway.  It is a cheerful color and very fun to use in a special knitting project.  I know Pat would love it.