Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Featured Colorway-- Sagebrush

Sagebrush grows everywhere in the dry climate of Montana and the western United States and Canada.  For those who haven't been around sagebrush it has a distinct smell and it grows in many shades of soft gray-green. There are hints of yellow when the plant is in bloom.  Numerous fields in our valley have sagebrush...but only if they are not irrigated. We typically get only 13" of precipitation a year and sagebrush manages to grown over 3 feet tall!

Our colorway, Sagebrush, is also a soft green color with a dash of warm light brown. It is lovely when knit or crocheted into a throw, sweater, or hat!  As you look at Mountain Colors yarns be sure to look for Sagebrush!

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Liz Marino said...

This colorway knits up beautifully for both summer and winter knits, and it combines all of my favorite colors! I've just finished designing a capelet pattern using several of your yarns in this colorway. I'm totally in love!