Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mountain Fusion Teton

Have you seen our Mountain Fusion Teton??  It is fun and extremely popular. Teton is a wonderfully soft 2-ply extra bulky weight yarn.   We dye the two "fat" and one "skinny" in two different colorways and then the folks at Mountain Meadow Wool Mill in Buffalo, WY ply it for us.

Teton comes in 8 colors.  Check them out here.  The color names describe them for you!  The above photo shows all of them in natural light. Teton Berry, Violet, Woods, Sky, Flame, etc.

Best of all you can knit a VERY easy hat with one skein of Teton.  It knits at 2.5 sts/inch. On the inside of the label is a free hat pattern...or find your own design and knit a quick gift for the holidays!!

Check out this popular yarn at your local yarn store!

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